Monday, December 31, 2012

Have Women's boots become a Fashion Staple?

"12 Free Jewelry Projects to Make This Evening" eBook |

"12 Free Jewelry Projects to Make This Evening" eBook |

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13 Boozy Recipes + New Year's Cocktails from MR FOOD

Put away that shaker and put down that cocktail glass –

all you'll need to enjoy these boozy treats is a fork or spoon! It's time

 for a real party with  our delectable, booze-infused recipes.


13 Boozy Recipes

1.  New Orleans Bread Pudding with Bourbon Sauce — You'll feel like you're in the middle of Bourbon Street when you hear the cheers for your ...more

2.  Whiskey Cake — They say that whiskey cake was a favorite of George Washington's. Once you try our easy version of ...more

3.  Spirited Fruit Cocktail — This is what I call a true fruit cocktail 'cause it gets its zing from the liquor that we put in it. Made as directed, it's for ...more


4.  Mojito Chicken — We're blending the key ingredients of the popular summer cocktail, the mojito, with plump chicken breasts and ...more

5.  Bourbon Fruitcake — You know the old story that fruitcakes get passed from one person to the next...and no one ever eats them? Well ...more

6.  Rum Balls — Although rum has strong roots in the Caribbean, it has long been a part of Southern drinks, as well as desserts ...more


7.  Mint Julep Brownies — For a truly sinful dessert experience, serve these bourbon-spiked brownies warm, topped with a dainty scoop or ...more

8.  Rosebud's Restaurant-Style Pasta — This recipe comes from one of Mr. Food's favorite Chicago restaurants. It's a true Italian specialty and  ...more

9.  Pineapple and Banana-Rum Salsa — Try this fruity salsa over your next batch of homemade waffles for a fresh alternative to syrup. It's also ...more


10.  Avocado Tequila Salad — Avocados add a fancy touch to mealtime without breaking our budgets. Their rich, creamy flavor and versatility ...more

11.  Yummy Rummy Bars — Bet you can't say "Yummy Rummy Bars in your tummy" three times fast...! Well, these are so good ...more

12.  Spiced Bourbon-Pecan Rice Pudding — Be sure to use only cooked long-grain white rice in this recipe. Cooked instant rice will break ...more


13.  Bourbon Chicken Bites — Need a special entree for last-minute company? Bourbon, apple juice, and mustard make a delectable ...more



Thursday, December 27, 2012

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Friday, December 21, 2012

Where do you start when shopping for Fashion Boots?

With the help of modern trends and the need to not only be comfortable but stylish many footwear manufacturing companies are now offering comfy woman's fashion boots to suite your needs. Picking the right pair of fashion boots as you know can completely sit the tone and enhances your appearance to show off your personal taste. Women’s boots are offered in different categories to match the occasion and outfit making it easier for you to find that prefect pair that you are looking for. It is very important for ladies to choose the right pair of boots in the best style that will compliment your appearance. But with the internet and the many top online shoe stores available this task is not nearly as difficult to accomplish as it used to me. As a mater of fact you will be amazed at all the styles that are out there to choose from that aren’t even offered in the traditional retail stores.

So where to start? It may seem a little overwhelming to know that there are thousands of fashion boots to choose from. But its really not, you start with what are you look for? In very simple terms, is it fashion boots that are typically your more dressy ones? Or are you looking for the casual flat? The next step would be to choose the style. Most online stores have them broken down into four basic categories. Which are ankle style, casual (flats), mid and knee high and over the knee. for example has it this way for easy shopping. Now once you have decided what kind of women’s boots you want and the style you can then sit back relax in the convenience of your own home and browse the hundreds of selections available to you.


In each category above that we mentioned you will also find they all offer the popular and trendy heel sizes such as a low blocked heel like on women’s cowboy boots, or the wedge heel, mid size heel all the way up to the 6’ Stiletto and there is the funky and fabulous heels that are often shown on all the fashion runways. They are all also offered in not only the basic black and brown colors but in all the bright bold colors that have become very popular such as Red, Purple, Blue, Yellow and any other color you can think of along with the different prints and textures. Such as the animal prints like leopard or zebra. The Suede and leather fashion boots with gorgeous fur lined trim is prefect choice for those cold winter days. 

The only left to do now it go shopping for that perfect pair of fashion boots to match your own personal style and there is no easier way then to shop on line. And if money is concern, not the worry online you will find that cost is much cheaper then your local department stores after all high quality cheap shoes can still be beautiful shoes.

 You can Find the perfect pair of fashion boots and cheap shoes for a fraction of the price and enjoy both great looks and more money in your pocket online. And if you are still not sure where to search check out

they are one of the leading shoe stores online that offer a huge selection at affordable prices.

Just type into your browser the type of women’s boots we talked about, such as fashion boots, casual boots or by style, ankle boots, knee high or over the knee, you can also search color or cost like cheap shoes.  

We hope the tips above helped when it comes to where to start when shopping for Fashion Boots

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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Fur lined Fashion boots are one of the hot trend sitters

Fur lined Fashion boots are one of the hot trend sitters
Even if you are not the best with matching and coordinating colors, fashion boots are made to be fun. Wearing your favorite women’s boots with your favorite outfit may not look like they match. But who knows, you could be the next trend setter- always be your self

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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

HOT PICK --Women's cowboy BOOTS in all your favorite

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Women’s cowboy boots are very popular these days; a girl just doesn't know which pair of western boots to choose! There so some ,many new trendy looks available in  many different colors and styles . From the traditional faux leather to the faux suede with or with out fringe or  accents with studs for a little extra flair.  And at you can easily afford to kick up your heels wearing a cool pair of women’s cowboy boots. 

Such as our hot pick of the week shown below 

All New Qupid Mariska Faux Suede Women Cowboy Boots:
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Friday, December 14, 2012

If you love to shop for beautiful Cheap shoes and Fashion Boots youll love

 Most women can’t resist a beautiful pair of shoes, and at they know want women want and offer a huge selection of every kind of style and color of all your favorite shoes. And with the weather being cooler right now you will absolutely love the hot trendy styles of fashion Boots they have available. Weather you are looking for the warm and cozy fur trimmed to the trendy work boots, they have they all. There is always something new and exciting that you just have to have for that new outfit you just bought. And what fun it is to shop for the latest trends and styles. At the possibilities are endless. 

If you have been shopping for women’s shoes or fashion boots lately then you know that the hot looks for this season are those that have the studded accents or spikes. It does matter if you are looking for pumps, Casuals or fashion boots if you want to be in style and this look appeals to you then visit they offer them all. 

Of course the suede designs with fur accents are also hot this year again and will probable always be popular in the colder months. If this is your look, which is one of my favorites then we invite you to browse through the gorgeous fashion boots at, you will fall in love with the many different designs available.

Including the women’s cowboy boot that is another hot favorite this year.  

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Monday, December 10, 2012

Picking the right pair of Fashion boots

Picking the right pair of Fashion boots
Boots are a favorite pick for winter wear and we suggest you add several pairs to your boot collection so that you are always in style whatever the occasion. Ankle boots with heels or wedges look great with jeans or slacks, the Mid-calf boot goes well with mid length dresses and can be worn over jeans, a very popular look. And the knee-high or over the knee Fashion boots go great with all types of skirts and dresses. Picking the right pair of Fashion boots depends a lot on your own personal style and of course the purpose for the boots weather they are for work, casual or a night out. 

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